Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do your lessons cost, and do you do intensive courses?
A. A full price list including student / block booking discounts is available on our pricing page.

Q. What is your test pass rate?
A. The average pass rate, overall, since the year 2000 is nearly double the national average.

Q. How many lessons will i need?
A. After your free initial assessment, we will be in a position to answer your question. Ring Richard personally on 07773 750 354 or e-mail Remember, our pass rate is nearly double the national average so you are more likely to pass sooner with Edwards School of Motoring. When you start with us, the D.V.S.A. guidelines will be fully explained to you.

Q. What type of car do you teach in?car-image
A. The car is a Dual Controlled 2018 Hyundai i20, the “i” is short for innovation in regards to design, it has one of the lowest emissions ratings for this size of car. (Source; MSA newslink magazine August 2011) so can ease the concience regarding this subject. On an equally practical note for tuition purposes, the car is a 5 door model which improves visibility whilst reversing, Power assisted steering, Air Conditioning to help with comfort, adjustable height drivers seat and Steering column – again for added comfort.

Q. Do you help with the Theory and Hazard Perception tests?
A. Yes, very much so, that’s exactly what we do. All relevant study aids can be purchased. Support through study is given in the form of discussion, which can highlight strengths and weaknesses and mock or practise tests to establish how study is progressing. For more information on the Theory Test visit, book a driving theory test. More Specific Theory and hazard Perception classes are available upon request.

Q. Do you work evenings or weekends?
A. Every person needs “time off”, but a realistic understanding of some peoples working / shift patterns is shown at the booking stage. As one of our students says “One major point for me was that he was fully flexible with times, he always worked around my shifts in work with no bother at all. Amazing instructor.”